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From Kawasaki, Bound for the Universe

Kawasaki Purin

Kawasaki Purin image
I am the mascot of Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum.
My name is “Kawasaki Purin”.
I was born from the publicly offered mascot ideas.
I’m going to guide you through the Science Museum.
Please enjoy the tour!











In the exhibition room on the first floor, Nature in Kawasaki is introduced through the five corners of “Land of Kawasaki”, “Nature in the Hilly Terrain”, “Nature in the Town”, “Nature in the Tama River”, and “Ikuta Ryokuchi Gallery”.
In the Entrance Hall there are corners of the “Astronomical Exhibition”, which is focused on planets, and “Meteorological Exhibition”. There is also the “Exhibition Space for Everybody” which can be utilized for special exhibitions and presentations by citizens.



The second floor houses the “Astronomical Exhibition”, which explains the solar system and the whole universe.
Through these exhibitions, re-discover nature, which is close at hand to you. And look for various natural phenomena you have found at this Science Museum in the actual fields.

Let’s Experience Nature, Astronomy, and Science!

Nature Experience

Ikuta Ryokuchi, where the Science Museum is located, is the largest treasure trove of greenery in the city.
There are many must-see spots for all four seasons.
After you learn about nature in the renewed exhibition rooms, go out to look for real nature!

exhibition rooms

8-meter high geological layer sample set up at the entrance of the exhibition room.
This is a model of the Ikuta Ryokuchi geological layers compressed to one fifths of the real strata. The “Land” corner gives detailed information on the geological layers of Ikuta Ryokuchi. Fossils found in Kawasaki are also exhibited here. Nature in Kawasaki is also introduced via a lot of samples of insects, plants, etc. under the themes of “Hilly Terrain”, “Town”, “Tama River”, and “Ikuta Ryokuchi”. In addition, participatory-type study courses are held for both adults and children, such as the “Ikuta Ryokuchi nature observation tours”, and “nature workshops” in the exhibition room. Why don’t you join these events and enjoy a nature experience together with others?

Astronomical Experience


The planetarium is equipped with a new-type MEGASTAR, specially developed for Kawasaki City, and the digital space engine Uniview. These allow you to enjoy a beautiful starry sky of the world’s highest quality.


The astronomical exhibition provides an easy-to-understand explanation on the earth where we live, the solar system objects, the galactic system, and the structure of the whole universe. The exhibition may fill you with a dream or romantic feeling about the universe. On the rooftop Astro-Terrace, you can observe the surface of the sun, and stars and planets even in the daytime through the computer controlled telescopes. Nighttime star observation sessions are also held. Make an observation of the moon surface, nebulae and clusters of stars directly with your own eyes.

Scientific Experience

Through various experiments, you will feel science much closer at hand.

The scientific experiment classes are held at the laboratory and the entrance hall.
Enjoy marvelous and interesting experiences of science.



MEGASTAR-Ⅲ FUSION is the newest model of MEGSTAR, which has the reputation for creating the “world’s highest-quality starry sky”. It is a special next-generation model newly developed for the Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum. It can represent even those stars that cannot be seen with the naked eyes.

In addition to beauty of the starry sky created by the existing MEGASTAR, the new model pursued reality and naturalness of the night sky. It re-creates more precise differences of brightness among stars, as well as their colors. The name “FUSION”contains a special meaning. That is, the technology to literally fuse together the optical planetarium technology, which depicts an exquisite starry sky with high fidelity, and the digital planetarium technology, which enables to depict all visual images and spatial representations. It is the technology to re-create images of the universe that were impossible before.

Surpassing the conventional technology to use optical planetarium and digital planetarium concurrently, the FUSION planetarium creates a realistic starry sky of the world’s highest quality through its new projection system and characteristics. It is able to project scenery in which myriad of stars created on the dome-shaped screen twinkle in their own colors, travel through the sky, and finally fade away over the mountain ridges. Thus, the FUSION re-creates an atmosphere you experience under the real night sky, which was impossible in the conventional planetarium.

“Uniview” and “Stella Dome Pro” are able to represent images of the universe faithfully based on the actual observation data, and they are introduced into the digital planetarium. You will have an experience as if you fly out into the space from Kawasaki, and travel from the solar system to beyond the galaxy.

The projected images through the new system are explained by a commentator on the spot, who accordingly incorporates different themes every month, such as timely astronomical events and wonders of space.

It is also possible to project programs made by elementary/junior high school students or citizens, using the planetarium programming software “Stella Dome School” which was newly developed by Kawasaki City.

Exhibition room

Opening time: 9 : 30 ~ 17 : 00
Admission Free
Closure day: Every Mondays *The day following the public holiday


Show time
  • 13:30 (For general) Every Wednesdays and first Thursday only
  • 15:00 (For general)

Saturday,Sunday and Public holiday
  • 10:30 (For general)
  • 12:00 (For general)
  • 13:30 (For children)
  • 15:00 (For general)

Planetarium Participation fees

General(Except aged 65 and over) 400yen
College student,High school student,Aged 65 and over 200yen
Junior high school student and under Free

Transportation Information

○ By train
15-minute walk from the south exit of Mukogaoka-Yuen Station, Odakyu Line
25-minute walk from Noborito Station, JR Nambu Line

○ By bus
From Musashi Mizonokuchi Station, south exit;
Municipal bus Mizo 19 (溝 19)
to “Mukogaoka-Yuen Station South Exit”, 20-minute ride to “Ikuta Ryokuchi Iriguchi( 生田緑地入口 )” and 5-minute walk from the bus stop

From Mukogaoka-Yuen Station, south exit; Municipal bus to “Mizonokuchi Station South Exit”, or to “”, 5-minute ride to “Ikuta Ryokuchi Iriguchi” and 5-minute walk

〒 214-0032
7-1-2, Masugata, Tama, Kawasaki,Kanagawa,JAPAN
Tel. 044-922-4731 fax. 044-934-8659